Arsenal Looking For A Defensive Midfielder

Arsene Wegner has said time after time that the Gunner’s need another defensive midfielder to pair with Francis Coquelin. Francis Coquelin wasn’t supposed to play at a high rate or as a 1st team player. he was entering this season as a role player, but started due to injuries to some of the key players on the roster and at the CDM position. Francis Coquelin had and still is having very successful season. So for that being said i will list 3 players that i think Arsenal should consider buying in the upcoming transfer window at the CDM position.

Trap the ball and look down field!!!!
Claudio Yacob Trapping the ball and look down field!!!!

First on the list is Claudio Yacob. Yacob plays at West Bromwich Albion and plays for the Argentina national team. he plays at the defensive midfielder position (CDM) also he is 27 years old where Coquelin is 24 years old. Yacob has more experience and his contract is set to expire on 6/30/2015. His market value is set at 4 million in euros. i expect him to be around 7 to 8 euros if Arsenal pursues him, But his contract is soon to expire so you can just hand him a contract sheet and hope he takes it and not pay the Baggies for him. Yacob would be a good fit because he is one of West Brom’s better midfielders, but has played inconsistently and he has played in Barclay’s for 3 years and those 3 years has been at West Brom where he has 1 goal for them out of the 3 years and has appeared in 76 games for the Baggies. This season Yacob has a 40% duel winning percentage and a 79% pass accuracy.

Second on the list is Ismael Diomande who plays internationally for Ivory Coast and at club level AS Saint-Etienne. he is the youngest out of my 3 choices. Also his contract expires like Yacob on 6/30/2015. He is 22 years old. If Arsenal can get him they can get him cheap like they prefer. He is at a market value at 2 million in euros that if bought can cost up to 4 to 5 million in euros. Not bad. Get the young stud and put him next to the other young stud in Coquelin. if paired together they can grow old together at Arsenal and become a good defensive duo like Yaya Toure and Fernandinho which they play at Manchester City. With Diomande being young it will take him a 2 or 3 years to become a starter next to Coquelin. But is it worth the wait ? yes, but maybe not for Wegner. Well Diomande has played in 29 games for AS Saint-Etienne and scored 1 goal in 4 years. This season he has a 39% winning duel percentage and a 82% pass accuracy. He is a developmental project that has low risk with high reward. With his contract soon to expire they can just offer him a contract sheet and not pay a dime to AS Saint-Etienne.

Ismael Diomande Stop, Freeze, Pass !!!!
Ismael Diomande Stop, Freeze, Pass !!!!

Last on the list is Morgan Schneiderlin who plays currently at Southampton and plays internationally for France. There is huge speculation of Schneiderlin being moved during the transfer window due to his wonderful play at Southampton. He has the most experience out of the other 2 players and plays regularly at a high level and can contribute the fastest and play the best. he will be expensive and report just came out that “Southampton have set a £25 million asking price for Arsenal and Tottenham target Morgan Schneiderlin”(Stobart) . If you want to purchase him Arsenal will have to pay and they aren’t the only team looking for his service. I think if Arsenal wants to land him they would have to pay 35 million in euros. Schneiderlin has played 230 games for Southampton and scored 14 goals. Also he has a duel winning percentage average of 45% and a 89% pass accuracy this past season. Morgan is only 25 years old but has been playing at a high level for Southampton since the 2008 season. Well that is 7 years almost 8 for him at his current club. The down fall of Morgan’s current contract it doesn’t expire till 6/30/2017 so Southampton doesn’t have to sell his services yet, but its best to cash in when you can and get the money and spend it and spread it around the team to improve the team by adding depth to the roster. Morgan Schneiderlin and Francis Coquelin in the defensive midfield together. Wow isn’t that nasty? Also if they get Morgan it will help out that front 4 and the goalie. Extra support.

Morgan Schneiderlin Taking it up the pitch!
Morgan Schneiderlin Taking it up the pitch!

My prediction is Claudio Yacob won’t be pursued by Arsenal due to his inconsistent play which Arsenal doesn’t need. Ismael Diomande won’t be pursued because he is really young and Wegner can’t wait 2-3 years for him because Arsenal is in the wining stage now and isn’t in a rebuilding form. So i think Morgan Schneiderlin will be the best fit and be Arsenal’s main target in the transfer window because of his consistent play, experience, age, and because honestly Wegner is French he likes to buy and sign his fellow countrymen. Which in the past 3-4 years of the transfer window he has signed at least one French player in each window. In the 2012/2013 season he signed Olivier Giroud, 2013/2014 season signed Yaya Sanogo, Mathieu Flamini and in the 2014/2015 season Mathieu Debuchy. So look out for Morgan Schneiderlin going to the Arsenal Gunners.

The Future Defensive Midfield Tandem!

The French Take The Defense By Suprise!

Morgan Schneiderlin running around after goal!!!
Morgan Schneiderlin running around after goal!!!
Francis Coquelin Looking for a open teammate
Francis Coquelin Looking for an open teammate

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