Who Will The Magic Take At The Number 5 Spot In The Upcoming NBA Draft?

Kristaps Porzingis playing over in Latvia and putting a simple, but powerful dunk in the net for 2 points!!!!

Orlando Magic on the clock… The Magic could use a big man next to Nikola Vucevic. On the current roster at the power forward position they have Kyle O’Quinn who is a benchwarmer who can be a really good role player, but with the current coaching staff I don’t see him doing anything. Channing Frye is a good role player. He isn’t the typical power forward to start. While Frye is known for shooting 3’s, however doesn’t help out Vucevic inside offensively and defensively. Andrew Nicholson can play inside and outside. He has a good shot at the 3 point line with a decent inside game presence, but thats not enough to start. He is a good minute eater and plays a decent defense at best. Tobias Harris won’t be a Magic in the upcoming season because lots of rumors have him going back to his home state in New York and possibly joining the Knicks. Harris is a big offensive lost to the Magic except at the free throw line and doesn’t play the best defense. With the Magic having 19.4 million dollars in cap space they could possibly go after a good free agent and attack the power forward position, but you are passing up on some really good prospects at the power forward spot. If you sign someone you can trade back down in the draft and maybe select a small forward to pair with Aaron Gordon. How  about a prospect like Stanley Johnson from Arizona or they stay at number 5 and select Justise Winslow from Duke.  Overall, if they don’t sign a power forward and don’t move down the will Magic selecting Kristaps Porzingis who is a Latvian power forward who can play center if needed. He is a tall dude. He stands at 7’1″ and is a versatile big man. He can shoot inside or outside and has great shot blocking abilities. Thats exactly what the Magic need next to Vucevic, but drafting European players has a downfall they don’t have to play for you. Kristaps can sign and come over and join the Magic or stay over in Europe forever or come to the states when he is ready. The Magic owns his rights when he comes over. Two Europeans playing side by side ruling the Eastern conference !!! sweet!! Make it happen Orlando!!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Very Neat! Thanks for the insight!

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