Help wanted! Dodgers Need Starting Pitchers Due To All The Key Injuries To The Rotation

Dodgers need help and need it now. But they are in first place in the National League with a 24-15 record. So far the dodgers lost Brandon McCarthy this season due to Tommy John surgery, Hyun-Jin Ryu to a shoulder injury which he has been dealing with all season and has opted to get surgery for his lingering injury. Those are 2 big loses. The replacements for them have contributed well. The list includes Carlos Frias and Mike Bolsinger. Some replacements for Mr. Ryu could include Julio Urias(out at least a month with eye surgery, but will be up later in the year), Joe Wieland, Chris Reed, Juan Nicasio, Zach Lee, and Brandon Beachy (if he wasn’t recovering from Tommy John surgery). Juan Nicasio could be a fit because he has experience as a starter due to his tenure in Colorado. But has found a good home with the Dodgers in the Bullpen. Joe Wieland, Chris Reed, and Zach Lee won’t get a chance yet because first off they are young and still learning and developing. if I were the Dodgers I don’t want to kill their development. Also, because the Dodgers have money and can get anyone they want. Don’t forget they need someone because Zach Greinke after these season is most likely to opt out of his current deal and explore out in the market for more money and a longer deal. Dodgers need to make a trade for a proven starter. They should and could go out and trade for either Scott Kazmir (Oakland A’s), Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies), or Johnny Cueto (Cincinnati Reds).

First up, Scott Kazmir is 31 years old and the shifty lefty is making 11 million dollars and has pitched really good since returning to baseball, which he returned at the 2013 season. Oakland isn’t having a great season, but Kazmir is. Kaz has started 8 games so far with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses and an earn run average (ERA) of 3.08. He has done this with pitching 49.2 innings and striking out 49 batters and walking only 19. He has a win above replacements (WAR) of 1.0. Better get him soon because the Red Soxs and a sleeper team are in the hunt for him.

Scott Kazmir pitching!
Scott Kazmir pitching!

Next, on the list is Johnny Cueto who is currently having problems with the Reds front office on a new deal. The Reds want to extend him, but not at the price Cueto wants. Hopefully they can reach a deal, but I don’t think they will. So i expect them to part ways via trade. Dodgers have money and can afford his current contract of 10 million dollars and extend him at the price he wants. Cueto most likely wants a mega deal of probably 8 years and around 200 million dollars. Cueto is the youngest of the 3 options at 29 years old.   Cueto has started 9 games and has a record of 3 wins and 4 losses. With an ERA of 3.03 and has pitched 65.1 innings which leads the MLB. He also has 60 K’s and has given up 12 walks to batters. The WAR he has earned so far is at 1.3.

Johnny Cueto throwing a heater!
Johnny Cueto throwing a heater!

Finally, the 31 year old Cole Hamels is on the board. Cole has lots of interest from big market teams that most likely includes the Yankees, Red Soxs, Dodgers, and maybe the Cubs, Padres, and Cardinals. So if you want him you got to put a really good package together to pry him away from Philly. Also he is locked up till the 2018 season with a club vesting option for the 2019 season. Hamels is making 22.5 mil each year on the current contract. Since he is locked up the dodgers don’t have to worry about him leaving like Scott Kazmir, Johnny Cueto and Zach Greinke. So far Hamels has Started 9 games with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses. Pitching with an ERA of 3.24 with 58.1 innings pitched so far and 62 K’s and has walked 23 batters. His WAR is the best out of the other 2 options at a 1.5.

Cole Hamels is the best option for most teams, but best for dodgers
Cole Hamels is the best option for most teams, but best for dodgers

However, Scott Kazmir and Johnny Cueto are good at what they do, but they are set to become free agents and if the Dodgers pursue them and get them they might not want to resign and it leaves the Dodgers seeking for more help. So go out and get Cole Hamels because you will have him for many years and he will provide you with protection to Kershaw in the rotation and give you tremendous years of pitching throughout the rest of his contract.

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  1. They should pay you for the analysis and recommendation! Good piece.


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