Super Cam Stays In Carolina To Tame The Panthers ! 

Today the Carolina Panthers have extended their franchise quarterback. Cam Newton has turned his franchise around and will continue to do so and eventually get the Panthers their first ever super bowl trophy sometime in the near future. Super Cam signed a 5 year deal worth $103.8 million deal with 60 million guaranteed according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Newton is going to make $67.6 million over the next 3 years. This is a lot of money for a quarterback who threw less than 20 touchdowns, but can rush for a lot of yards and touchdowns so it balances itself out and don’t forget he missed a couple of games which were both against the Bucs. The Panthers believe in Newton, that’s why he got paid and he has proven himself, but I expect the 26 year old to have a bounce back year. He is capable to do more damage than what he produced last season. 

Cam Saves The Day In Carolina

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