What Will The Pacers Do ?

Who will join the Indiana Pacers this off-season? With David West opting out of his deal yesterday, the Pacers are now looking most likely to put West’s $12.6 million dollars to either a proven veteran free agent or put it to a couple of free agents and draft picks also. Here are some ways the Pacers can fill the shooting guard and power forward voids. First off the Pacers can go sign Monta Ellis to pair with George Hill in the back court. Ellis who opted out of his final deal with the Mavericks is being watched by the Pacers closely. Ellis would be a upgrade over C.J. Miles who is at best a solid quality NBA backup. The Pacers can sign Ellis and hit the draft and replace David West with either Myles Turner (If Celtics don’t trade up) or either select Frank Kaminsky with the 11th pick in this year’s draft. Or you can trade a couple spots down and select Bobby Portis who is my favorite player in the draft personally. If the Pacers don’t sign Monta Ellis they can strike the open market and either resign David West or go after bigs like Jordan Hill or Amir Johnson. Those are solid replacements for a couple of seasons. If they sign either one or both of these  power forwards in free agency, they can go and possibly draft a shooting guard like Kelly Oubre who can play either the 2 guard or small forward position like Paul George or trade down and select defense minded with offense potential in Delon Wright or small school product R.J. Hunter. The Pacers have decisions to make and these are some solid predictions and also hope for the Pacer fan base of having a successful off-season.

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