Lions Extend Levy !

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Yesterday, DeAndre Levy has agreed upon a new deal with the hungry Detroit Lions. The deal is a 4 year deal worth $33.72 mil with $20 mil guaranteed, according to NFL Network’s very own Ian Rapoport. The new deal will not kick in till the 2016 season. Levy is a top 3 4-3 outside linebacker. Levy is a great player and is getting paid like one, also fear the beard. Levy’s is a strong leader and has strong leadership qualities. Levy this past season racked up a lot of tackles. 117 were solos and 34 assists on his tackles. So that adds up to be a combined overall total of 151 tackles. He is a tackling machine and he also had 2.5 sacks and 1 int. He is the Lions best defensive player and got paid like it. In 2013 he had 6 ints, which were his career high. So it seems like the opposition were avoiding Levy in the passing game in 2014 because he only had 1 int. The Wisconsin product is still flying under the radar even though he has a great season ever year. Levy has improved every year in the league and shows no signs of declining. Levy will make $3.5 mil for the upcoming 2015 season.  Players like Lavonte David and DeAndre Levy, who are the top 2 weak side outside linebackers (4-3 scheme) do not get their dues because they do not get the sacks like an 3-4 outside linebacker, but their teams and fans recognize their star power and play. The Pro-Bowl is overrated. Levy’s deal will set up how much the Bucs pay Lavonte David, which David will most likely get more years and money.

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