Chelsea Signs Future Left Back

Photo Via
Photo Via

Today, Chelsea have completed the move of acquiring left back Baba Rahman from FC Ausberg. According to Sky Sources, the amount Chelsea paid for Rahman is in excess of $20 mil in Euros. The deal could end up being close to $30 mil in Euros. So between $20-$30 mil in Euros.

Rahman will compete with versatile fullback Cesar Azpilicueta. Azpilicueta can play both left back and right back positions, but his natural position is right back. He is currently playing left back with the departure of Felipe Luis, who returned to Atletico Madrid. Azpilicueta will eventually play right back with Ivanovic getting older and not being able to keep up with speedsters like Raheem Sterling of Manchester City and Jefferson Montero of Swansea City, also many other speedsters. Ivanovic can move inside if needed. Maybe with the offensive abilities of Rahman you can move him up in the midfield and Azpilicueta can play left back and Ivanovic staying put at right back. Whatever Gaffer Jose Mourinho decides to do with it will work and eventually the future of the fullbacks in Chelsea seems to point at Rahman at left back and Azpilicueta at right back.

In addition, the Ghana international is only 20 and is Ghana’s national team starting left back. That is impressive and now he is joining a top 5 world soccer club with the chance to play this season at a high rate, also can start regularly in 2 seasons.

Photo Via
Photo Via   Rahman is fighting to get to the ball and is wear #17

Rahman is a speedy dude and also has a pinpoint accurate foot. Rahman scores often for a left back and scores screamers that will find their way in the back of the net with the goalie left crying. Rahman is very accurate on his crossers. He will hit his teammate on a cross to perfection and ends up with lots of assists. He also is good at man marking and covering his zone. He is very smart with the ball and is strong and does not lose the ball when hit with contact. In order to try and steal the ball from him you will need to catch up to him. Rahman is only 5’10” in height and plays like he is 6’2″. Here is a link to a 9 minute 20 second video of the newest Chelsea player :

Overall, Chelsea and Gaffer Jose Mourinho seem like they hit the jackpot with this move and will be happy when they see Rahman perform. Grade of the signing: A. Rahman has the potential to be a top 5 left back in the world of soccer. He can join David Alaba, Ricardo Rodriguez, Leighton Baines, and Cesar Azpilicueta, in that elite group.

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