White Soxs Sign Alex Avila


Photo Credited To The Associated Press

Yesterday, the Chicago White Soxs signed former divisional rival Alex Avila. Avila played his first 7 seasons in Detroit as their primary backstop. Avila and the White Soxs agreed to a 1 year deal worth $2.5 mil.

Now, Avila has been dealing with nagging injuries due to the high usage of innings behind the plate. Avila can platoon with Tyler Flowers and this would help try and keep Avila fresh for most of the season. Avila can DH and play some first base to save his knees on his off days behind the plate.

In fact, those nagging injuries only allowed Avila to play in 67 games in 2015. The 28 year old had his worst season in his career. Avila had a stat line of .191/.339/.287/.626 with 4 homers and 13 RBIs. Seems like Avila will never reach his all star stardom like he did back in the 2011 season where he hit .295/.389/.506/.895 with 19 homers and drove in 82 RBIs in 141 games.

Finally, this was a good move because it adds some versatility in the lineup and experience in the clubhouse.

 Note: Avila is a league defender and threw out 34% of his base stealers.

Overall Grade: B

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