Extension Candidate: Rajon Rondo

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

First, Rondo is having a great 2015-2016 season. Rondo has been everything for the Sacramento Kings and pairs well with Kings’ star DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins loves Rondo dishing him the ball. Here is what Cousins said, ” I expect Rondo to be in a Kings uniform with me next season when a new downtown arena opens. He ain’t going nowhere. I will kidnap him myself,” Cousins told Yahoo Sports.

Now, Rondo signed this past off-season on a one year deal worth $9.5 mil and so far it is the biggest bargain from the off-season. Now the problem is that he is a unrestricted free agent after this season and he does not have enough bird years with the Kings to get a new deal now. Rondo could get a max deal from many other teams after this season and expect the Kings to pursue him again. Why ruin a young team building chemistry?

In addition, Rondo has averaged 12.9 points per game, 7.1 rebounds a game, 10.7 assists a game, and 1.7 steals a game. The 29 year old is shooting a season high .354 from the three point line and also shooting .442 from the field. He has done this in 19 games this season and averages 35.7 minutes a game.

Finally, the Kentucky product is solid offensively and defensively. He also brings leadership and veteran experience. This helps the team build and develops continuity.

My prediction: Rondo looks into the market, but ends up resigning with Kings for a 4 year deal worth $80 mil. Also, I say $80 mil because of the new television deal that gives teams more money.

Season Grade: Rondo has been a top 3 point guard all season and will receive a grade of an A.

 Note: Rondo leads the NBA in 10.7 assists per game.

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