Trade Completed: Cardinals And Padres

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Meanwhile, the Cardinals and Padres have been quiet so far at the Winter Meetings in Nashville. Well, that is set to change after the trade that just went through. The Cardinals will receive Jedd Gyorko and the Padres will receive Jon Jay.

First off, the Padres acquiring Jon Jay makes sense because they needed an outfielder to play left field. Jay is a solid defender, but suits left field with a weak arm. Now, looking at the Padres lineup it seems that Jay would fit the need as a lead off hitter, which he has done many times in St.Louis. Jay is 30 years old and had a his worst season as a pro. Jay had a stat line of .210/.306/.257/.563 with 1 homer and 10 RBIs in 245 plate appearances with only playing in 79 games. Now, Jay was hurt and that could have impacted his hitting. Jay usually hits at a batting average every year between .275-.300. Jay will make $6.2 mil next season and is set to be a free agent after the 2016 season.

Next, With the Padres trading Gyorko, the shortstop position is open for grabs. What would the Padres do with that hole open? The Padres could start Alexi Amarista or call up one of their top shortstop prospect in Jose Rondon or the Padres could go sign a shortstop in the open market. Maybe their could look at signing Ian Desmond or Asdrubal Cabrera.

On the other hand, The Cardinals picked up Jedd Gyorko, which is a head scratcher because they are loaded with starters at third base, second base, and at the shortstop spot. Maybe Gyorko could play a corner outfield spot or platoon at second base with Wong, who did struggle against left handed pitching. Another option is platooning Gyorko at first base with Matt Adams.

Finally, Gyorko had a better 2015 campaign than the one he had in 2014. The 27 year old had a slash line of .247/.297/.397/.694 with 16 homers with 57 RBIs in 458 plate appearances in only 128 games. The Cardinals will take on the remaining $33MM that is under the extension he signed with the Padres early in the 2014 season. That covers four years of salary as well as a $1MM buyout on a $13MM club option for 2020.


Padres: B
Cardinals: C+

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