Phillies Land Help In Bullpen


Credit: USA Today Sports

So far, it has been quiet for the Phillies during the MLB Winter Meetings in Nashville. Well, the Phillies are starting to wake up by making a move that landed setup man David Hernandez to a one year deal worth $3.9 mil, according to Ken Rosenthal. Hernandez started his career in Baltimore and spent the past 5 years in Arizona.

In addition, Hernandez only played in 4 years with the Diamondbacks because he missed one year that required him to have Tommy John surgery. In those 4 years he combined for a 3.54 ERA with 17 saves and 274 K’s in 233.2 innings by appearing in 248 games. Now, 2015 was a decent season for Hernandez because he was coming off of Tommy John surgery in 2014. Hernandez had a 4.28 ERA in only 33.2 innings, but Hernandez did strike out 33 batters in 40 appearances, which shows that he at least strikes out 1 or 2 batters per appearance in 2015.

Now, Hernandez will setup Ken Giles in the back of the Phillies bullpen. Also, Giles is rumored to be traded to Houston and if that deal goes through then Hernandez would be the closer.

Finally, this is a good pickup because Hernandez knows how to pitch and has more experience than the other relievers in Philly.

Notes: Hernandez is only 30 years old and the

Grade: B

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