Cueto To San Fran!

Credit: Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press via AP

Earlier today, right hander Johnny Cueto landed a 6 year deal worth $130 mil with a opt out clause after 2 seasons with an option for a 7th season if he opts in after the first 2 years.

In fact, earlier in the off-season Cueto declined a 6 year deal worth $120 mil from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Now, he probably thought he would of got more money, but he realized his market was not going to reach $150 plus mil. So, it seems like Cueto took $10 more mil from the Giants, but also to join a great franchise and division. Cueto is smart for accepting this deal with knowing his market is low, plus if Cueto opts out after 2 years, but is successful in two years in San Francisco then maybe he can opt out and get more money at 32 years of age. Similar move that Zack Greinke pulled off this off-season. Cueto will not get over $200 mil, but he could get between $150 mil -$175 mil.

Next, Cueto is 30 years old and has had injury pile up on him the past 2-3 years, but usually in or around the playoffs. Cueto had a great career in Cincinnati and got traded to the Kansas City Royals at the trade deadline to give the Royals a boost in the rotation to win the World Series, which they did and now all that work Cueto putted in has landed to a big deal in the off-season from the Giants.

In addition, Cueto finished his Cincinnati career with a 92-63 record, 3.21 ERA, 213 games played and started, 1115 strikeouts in 1339 innings thrown. This past season Cueto was dominate with the Cincinnati Reds by starting 19 games and posted a 2.62 ERA with a 7-6 record in 130.2 innings while striking out 120 batters. Now, Cueto was iffy for the Royals by earning a 4-7 record in 13 starts with posting a 4.76 ERA in 81.1 innings pitched and only striking out 56  batters. Overall, Cueto finished the season with a 11-13 record and posting a 3.44 ERA in 212 innings with 176 K’s.

Furthermore, Cueto’s best game in a Royal’s uniform came in the playoffs where he threw a complete game shutout in the World Series against the New York Mets.

Finally, Cueto will join Madison Bumgarner, Jeff Samardzija, Matt Cain, and Jake Peavy in the rotation with Chris Heston being the main backup starter if needed. Cueto will step in the rotation as the number two starter.

Note: Cueto has more success in the National League and I personally think you will see the 2012 or 2014 Johnny Cueto because he will be in the National League most of the season unlike the 2015 year. As for that, this is a solid pickup for the Giants and lookout for the Giants this year.

Grade: A

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