Channing Frye To Cleveland

Credit: Melissa Majchrzak/Getty Images

Today, the project of Frye in Orlando is official over and was confirmed by multiple sources like from Yahoo Sports, TNT, ESPN and USA Today. Each reporter that reported this involved each piece into finalizing who did what.

Now, Frye is heading to Cleveland, then the Cavaliers will send Anderson Varejao to Portland, and finally the Magic will receive Jared Cunningham and a second round pick. Both Varejao and Cunningham are expected to be waived unless something happens like an injury to a current player on the roster.

First off, This helps the Magic by cleaning money out to save room for their current players and maybe a big fish in the off-season. Frye has been disappointing in Orlando. I liked it when they first signed him, but sadly it did not work out. Now, this gives Andrew Nicholson more of a role on the bench and increase Gordon’s minutes greatly.

Next, Varejao is an odd man out of Portland, just like Cunningham going to Orlando. The Cavs save some money by dumping the veteran center, but are picking up Frye’s deal. They wanted Frye badly. They beat the Clippers to the finish line for the stretch four.

Finally, Frye is 32 years old and has 2 years left on his deal with around $16 mil left on the deal. This season Frye has played in 44 games (started 29) and posted 5.2 points and 3.2 rebounds a game. He is not a big rebounder or defender, which it seems the Cavs don’t mind trading defense for more offense. Frye will help them off the bench and give Love a rest. Love and Frye are the same type of players.

 Magic: B+
 Cavaliers: B
 Trail Blazers: C-

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