Rangers Sign Ian Desmond

Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today, the sweepstakes for Ian Desmond has ended with the Texas Rangers agreeing to a one-year deal worth $8 mil with the shortstop, according to Ken Rosenthal. Desmond is making less money now than he would if he would of accepted the qualifying offer of $15 mil from the Nationals. What hurt Desmond was the fact that most teams do not want to give up their draft pick in the first round, like for example, the Rays. The Rays wanted him, but did not pull the trigger because their first round pick is more valuable.

In addition, remember when the Nationals offered Desmond that seven-year deal worth $107 mil back in 2013. Well, he will never receive that deal again. He is already 30 and is a streaky player. He can be hot at one moment and then go cold in a heartbeat.

Next, Desmond is not being bought in to play the infield for the Rangers. He will be a backup to play the infield if needed, but he will start in left field after finding out that Josh Hamilton will miss time due to a knee injury. Desmond has played 913 games out of 920 at the shortstop position with five coming from second base and the other two happening in right field. He hasn’t played the outfield since the 2010 season. He will have some adjustments to do this spring to get comfortable in left field.

Finally, Desmond brings pop to the lineup with a powerful bat. Most shortstops due not hit many home runs, but this one does. Desmond has at least averaged to hit 22 homers a season. He finished the 2015 season with a disappointing slash line of .233/.290/.384/.674, which is the lowest line he has produced in his seven MLB seasons. Desmond drove in 62 RBIs and bombed 19 baseballs over the fence.

Note: Desmond has led all shortstops the past four seasons in home runs with hitting 88 of them. The man behind Desmond is Troy Tulowitzki with 71 bombs and behind him is Jhonny Peralta with 62.

Grade: B

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