Colts Keep Allen Over Fleener

Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Colts decided to pick either one tight end to keep and they preferred to keep the one that does all the needs that a tight end is required to do so, unlike the other one. Yes, I am talking about how they would rather keep Dwayne Allen over Coby Fleener. They paid Allen $29.4 mil over 4 years with $16 mil guaranteed, according to ProFootballTalk.

In addition to my opening, Dwayne Allen catches the ball well, runs well, blocks well, and is the starting tight end on most games for the Colts. Now, don’t get me wrong, Fleener is a great receiving tight end that can stretch the field, but he lacks the blocking area that is required by a tight end. Two things it seems that Fleener has over Allen is that he has a better relationship to Andrew Luck and that he stays healthier. I honestly think the Colts should of gave Fleener the contract over Allen.

Finally, Dwayne Allen is 26 and is about to get more reps at the tight end position with Fleener looking like he will be throwing on a new uniform in the 2016 season. Allen finished the 2015 campaign with 16 receptions, 109 yards, and scoring 1 touchdown. Now, Allen played in 13 games (12 starts), but he did not have Luck throwing him the ball and also in most games they were playing comeback, which led to Fleener getting more snaps as he is the vertical threat out of the two.

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