Conte Remains A Buc

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Today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers keep a key member of their 2015 defense that struggled dearly against the pass, but Conte was the best player in the secondary unit that started. Conte will return on a one-year deal worth maybe around $3 mil. Last year, he joined the team on a one-year deal worth $1.5 mil. After a successful 2015 campaign, I expect him to get a pay raise. The signing was reported by Gil Arcia.

In addition, Conte almost played in every game, but got nicked up by an injury that allowed him to play in 14 games (13 starts). In those 14 games, he piled up 2 key interceptions, forced 2 fumbles that rocked the ball carrier allowing them to fumble the ball, and he made strong tackles that allowed him to take down the ball carrier 79 times. His career looks to be on a comeback after a strong 2015 campaign and that’s why the Bucs want him back for another season.

Finally, Conte still has ties with the Buccaneers staff, as new Tampa secondary coach Jim Hoke coached Conte in Chicago. Lastly, the 27-year-old safety graded as the No. 32 safety per Pro Football Focus.

Grade: B

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