Jets trade for Ryan Clady!

ryan clady
Credit: AP Photo/Ric Tapia

A day after the Jets lost their Pro-Bowler left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson, they go out and acquire a Pro Bowl left tackle in Ryan Clady. The Jets will send the Broncos a fifth round pick for Clady. Also, the Jets will receive a seventh round pick in the deal. Lastly, the Broncos most likely did this trade, so that they can try and renegotiate with the 49ers to land Colin Kaepernick. Clady is taking a pay cut to complete the deal. He is also agreeing to a one-year deal worth $6 mil with $3 mil guaranteed for the 2016 campaign, according to Ian Rapoport of Interestingly, the once dominant left tackle can max out at $7.5 mil through incentives. Also, according to Rapoport, the Jets will then have a $10 mil option, which can max out at $13 mil for the 2017 season. In fact, a portion of that $10 mil in 2017 comes from a $2.5 mil bonus due in February of 2017, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Furthermore, the 29-year old is a great player, but what has hurt him over the past few years in his career has been the ability to stay healthy. He continues to injury his ACL, but hopefully he is over those knee problems, so that football fans in general can watch a dominant player play again. He has only played 30 games due to his knee injuries (2 games played in 2014 and missed the whole 2016 season).

Lastly, it will be interesting how Clady will perform in a different type of offense. The Jets run the ball a lot, but in a different style from an offensive line perspective. The Broncos have always used a zone run like system for their offensive linemen unlike the Jets, who have their offensive linemen stay in their assigned circle. In details, a zone run is preferred to have linemen that are supposed to be able to move quickly up and down the field, unlike in a power run, where power run blockers are slower, but will bulldoze the defender trying to make a tackle or sack.

Grade: A-

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