Who Will and Could Potentially be Catching the Football in Cleveland?


Photo Via thebiglead.com
As the NFL Draft approaches, Browns fans are wondering who they will be selecting, well they will most likely land Carson Wentz or Jared Goff to compete with Robert Griffin III, but who will catch the football from the younger signal callers? The Browns wide receiving corps consists of Andrew Hawkins, Brian Hartline, Taylor Gabriel, and others like Marlon Moore, Rannell Hall, Darius Jennings, and Terrelle Pryor, who I think should still be a quarterback in this league. They still have Josh Gordon on the roster, but he looks like he will not play in the NFL again, due to the fact that he just recently failed a drug test. He was applying for reinstatement and now he will not get his wish. Lastly, the Browns have a playmaker in Gary Barnidge, who signed an extension this off-season. The current group is perfect for a quarterback like RGIII as they will really just throw shorter passes like slants, drags, comebacks, and screens. Hawkins, Hartline are perfect for those type of routes, but if Wentz or Goff is there, they will need to get a bigger target that can run deep or try to.


Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images. Boyd’s 2015 season: 91 rec, 926 yards, 6 TDs.
Next, whoever is the quarterback in Cleveland will have a hard time if this is the receiving group the organization provides them. Unless, they go and get them some players in the draft. Now, the Browns could get a receiver or two in the draft. I could see the Browns drafting either Michael Thomas (Ohio State) or Tyler Boyd (Pittsburgh) in the second round. Thomas is one of the better route running receivers in the draft, but is not the guy to take the top off a defense. On the other hand, Boyd is one of my favorite receivers in the draft that can do anything asked to do. He can run any route and he has great hands, which the Browns need. Boyd is a future Pro Bowler in the making. However, later in the draft, they could look at drafting Cody Core from Ole Miss around the fifth or sixth round. Core was overshadowed by Laquon Treadwell for the past two years. Core is a project, but is worth a gamble in the late rounds. He can catch the football and should of gotten more catches at Ole Miss. He runs crisp routes, but he needs to show that he can beat the press at the next level.


Credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez/ Associated Press. Boldin’s 2015 season: 69 receptions, 789 yards, 4 TDs.
Furthermore, if the Browns decide to not draft a receiver, they should go sign a veteran receiver like Anquan Boldin or Marques Colston. Boldin would be more expensive, but it is worth it as the young quarterbacks have someone they would put all their trust in. Boldin is on the down of his career, but he will always find a way to produce to make it look like he is not on the downhill. Lastly, Colston would be cheaper as he has produced at a lower level than we usually see. Well, his production has fell as he is starting to get hurt at a more frequent level, even though he still continues to play more than 13 games a year, but he plays through the injury that effects his ability to produce at a high level.

Finally, Hue Jackson and his Browns have lots of holes fill, but to fill them with good evaluations. They have some key players in place, but need to find the right players to make a team. Signing a veteran on the offensive side helps, as they do not have many leaders on the offense, but do on the defensive side. Lastly, drafting a receiver would be nice, but they will go through some pains as most Browns’ draft picks do.

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