Andrew Patterson #52, Hillsborough High School

Credit: Andrew Patterson #52
Today, I will talk about a talented high school football player that has lots of potential to do great things. That lucky player is Andrew Patterson (#52), who attends Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Florida. The Terrier currently plays as a center and a defensive tackle, but can play at the defensive end position and guard position. He is versatile, which will help him in the future. Also, he has started every year.

In addition, the hardworking 6 foot, 257 pound lineman is entering his junior season with many major universities looking at him. He is willing to play any position the coaches ask him to do, but he really loves defense. He loves defense because he can hit the ball carrier and make big plays, which consist of forcing fumbles, sacking the quarterback, or making a key stop in the running game. He is a great teammate, which is important in the locker room and shows great sportsmanship.

Next, from an offensive side, Patterson knows how to anchor his offensive line and to play the game the way it should be. As an offensive lineman, he plays till the whistle is blown and finishes his blocks by pancaking the defender. Out of all the high school football games I have watched in my life, he is the best at supporting his fellow guards in running game, but mostly in the passing game. Mostly, he has good speed as he ran so far a 5.40 for his 40 yard dash with a 4.10 shuttle for an offensive lineman, but he gets to the second level very quickly to eliminate the linebackers so that his running back can breakout big yards out of the backfield. The high schooler holds his ground no matter how big or fast the opponent is. Lastly, he gives his quarterback time to make a good throw and he snaps the ball cleanly, which helps the quarterback make a quick and solid throw.

However, on the defensive side, he fights hard to get past blockers with his vicious swim move, which he bends and dips nicely around the corner of the offensive lineman. I would like to see him bull rush more, which he will use more if he wants to continue as a defensive tackle, but he looks like he can be a very good defensive end with his explosive first step. He looks very balanced as a player by being able to stop both the run and pass. Now, this is a great plus to a players skill set, which is considered for both sides of the ball, which is the fact that he has mean, physical hands (locates them well) that allows him to get nasty with a powerful punch to the opponent. Andrew knows how to get off blocks to go pursue the ball carrier.

Finally, he is a smart player, but he is also smart in the classroom as he has a 3.3 Grade point average. He does not commit dumb fouls, which shows his common sense and smartness. He makes clean tackles and blocks with a high motor, like he always does by keeping his grades up. Patterson is a tough kid physically and mentally that will graduate high school in 2018.

Note: In 2015, he attended USF Big Man Camp, which brings both offensive and defensive linemen together to show their skills to USF coaches. He is also a captain for the 2016-2017 season. One of the leaders on his team. 


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