Rams Acquire the #1 Overall Pick


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Meanwhile, the NFL Draft just got more exciting because a huge trade went down between the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans, according to Peter King. The Rams will of course acquire the number one pick of the draft, but they also get a fourth and sixth-round pick to help there draft after giving up a boat load to the Titans. Now, the Titans did great in this trade as they acquired the 15th overall pick this year, two second-round picks (Nos. 43 and 45), and a third-round pick (No. 76). Interestingly, Tennessee will also get the Rams’ first-round pick and third-round pick in 2017. The Titans robbed the Rams.


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In addition, if this prospect the Rams are looking at does not pan out, it can be very crippling to a team like every NFL fan saw with the Washington Redskins when they traded up to draft Robert Griffin III. Now, they did this trade most likely with the rumors of the Eagles looking to trade up to take either quarterback in Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. If the quarterback that the Rams take ends up successful, they got lucky, which the draft is all about luck. It is a hit and miss event when it comes with prospects. Now, I do believe the Rams will select Carson Wentz because he fits that offense more as it is more balanced and that he is more balanced.


Credit: Stanley (left) photo: http://www.chicagofootball.com Conklin (right) photo: Michael Conroy/Associated Press

However, if the Titans remained with the number one overall pick, they would of most likely drafted Laremy Tunsil, who would have protected Marcus Mariota, which he was on his back most of the season and he got hurt with knee injuries as well. Since the Titans no longer hold the 1st pick, they could still pick up an offensive tackle in the first round with Jack Conklin (Michigan State) or Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame). There is not much of a drop off between these three offensive tackles. Maybe the Titans draft another position with a player like Mackensie Alexander, who is a cornerback from Clemson. The Titans need secondary help and also, maybe they draft that offensive tackle in the second round or make a trade to get back into the end of the first round. If they make a trade to get back near the end of the first round, I could see the Titans selecting Germain Ifedi (Texas A&M) or Taylor Decker (Ohio State). If they decide not to do that scenario, they could draft Le’Raven Clark (Texas Tech) or Jason Spriggs (Indiana) in the second round.


Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, there is a third quarterback prospect in Paxton Lynch, but he will not be a Ram nor Brown. His value will go up as he will be the top quarterback when Goff and Wentz are off the board. Teams that would most likely get Lynch when they wanted one of the other two could include the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, or if he gets past those two teams, you could see the Denver Broncos moving up to get him or seeing the New York Jets remain put for Lynch to land into their palms. Lastly, time will tell, but like I said earlier, “the NFL Draft just got more exciting.”

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