Who Will Draft Myles Jack?


Credit: Danny Moloshok/Associated Press
Yesterday, Myles Jack dropped out of the entire first round due to a knee injury that has many teams concerned. Jack is a top three talent in this draft and I had him going to Jacksonville at number five, but I knew he would fall but not outside the top 15, which was shocking when he was still sitting there near the end. Now Myles Jack is the best player available in round two, which I expect the UCLA product to be picked within the first four to eight picks in day number two. Now, which team could potentially be looking at selecting him here as his price has dropped and it is not much as a risk as it was in the first round.

First off, the first team that I have looking at potentially drafting Jack is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Why the Jags? Well, Jacksonville has one of the slowest linebacker corps in the league. The starters are Telvin Smith, Paul Posluszny, and Dan Skuta. Now the first two are solid starters, but Skuta is more of a fourth linebacker that contributes perfectly on special teams. If they add Myles Jack, the Jaguars will have an instant upgrade at one of the outside linebacker spots and a faster linebacker group than before.

Secondly, the next team that I could see take the 20-year-old linebacker could be the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have many defensive needs, but if they take a top three talent in Jack, then the Cowboys instantly have the best draft so far out of every other team since they already took Ezekiel Elliot in the first round. Jack would help a up and down linebacker group that could be fine for a year if Jack decides to go get that micro-fracture surgery, but Dr. James Andrews, who examined Myles Jack in December, told the UCLA LB today that he does not need micro-fracture surgery, according to Adam Schefter.

Now, the third team to emerge could be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they have the best youngest duo at the linebacker spot with Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David manning the defense. Their other linebacker partner is currently Daryl Smith, who is on a one-year deal that he is coming to an end in his career, but I think he will be fine in Tampa. Now, if the Bucs select Myles Jack, then you have a chance on seeing a free agent losing his starting job in camp to a rookie, like former Buccaneer Bruce Carter did last year when he lost his job to Kwon Alexander. Imagine and soak it in if the Buccaneers had Myles Jack, Kwon Alexander, and Lavonte David? Oh my! That is easily the number one linebacker corps in all of football today.

Finally, Jack finished his collegiate career by playing 29 games and collecting a total of 178 tackles (117 solos) by 15 of them resulting in a tackle for a loss. Jack can cover running backs, tight ends, and even line up in the slot if needed, which he did in college. Jack picked off the opposition four times. I think Jack will develop into a better blitzing linebacker than shown. He only got 1 sack in college. Lastly, Jack is the biggest steal already on day number two.

 My Prediction: Myles Jack lands with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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