MLB Prospect Watch: David Dahl


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David Dahl is the Rockies second best prospect sitting behind Brendan Rodgers at number one. He was drafted in the 2012 Draft at pick number 10. This outfielder can hit the baseball and will tear the baseball up at any level. The Alabama native currently sits in the top 100 prospects list (no.41) and will soon breakout of that list, as he is inching closer to Triple-A and the majors sooner than expected.

Next, People wonder why this kid is not at the big leagues yet, well he has been stopped at many crossroads, which happened to be injury situations. Dahl is considered injury prone, but I think those injuries were flukes, as he was growing up and getting stronger. He dealt with hamstring and back injuries in 2013, which caused him to miss most of the season, then he was running for a pop fly and bumped into an infielder, which shockingly caused him to rupture his spleen. That injury set him back from advancing further, but he will be in Triple-A at some point this year.

Furthermore, Dahl had produced at the plate in every season. To show for, when he debuted in 2012, he won the batting title (.379) and MVP award in the Rookie-level Pioneer League. That is impressive and he was having a good 2013 before getting hurt, but he returned in 2014 looking to impress and he did just that by hitting .299 with 14 homers and 55 RBIs. Last year before the spleen injury, he was battling up and down, but still produced a batting average over .260. His 2016 season has been great, as he has bounced back. So far, he has hit .280 with a OBP of .358 and SLG of .565. Those numbers that the sweet left-handed hitter produced have resulted in 11 home runs, 32 RBIs in 43 games, which interestingly, he has 47 hits in 43 games. This kid is a hitting machine and to credit his bat speed that allows him to get to any pitch.

Next, he is not a bad defender and he is only getting better. He covers lots of ground with his speed, which he is not speedy like Jarrod Dyson, but he is fast enough to close ground. His quickness and instincts give him fine range in center field, and his strong, accurate arm is better than most at that position. If he can stay healthy, he could do a lot of damage and run down a lot of fly balls at Coors Field. Also, with his speed and quickness, he can steal bases from the opposition, which he has recorded 70 stolen bases in his minor league career so far.

Lastly, If Parra and Cargo will remain in Colorado and it seems Blackmon would be the one traded and that would open up the center field position for David Dahl to step in. Parra in left field, Dahl in center, and Cargo in right field would be a deadly group.

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