Who Will Potentially Target Rich Hill?


Credit: (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The Oakland Athletics have not had a great year, which leaves me to wonder who they will move at this point of the season or later near the trade deadline. Big names like Khris Davis, Rich Hill, Billy Butler, and Sonny Gray are rumored to be moved for prospects. Rich Hill is having an All-Star like season and should be picked by Royals’ manager Ned Yost to join the American League All-Star pitching staff.

Now, remember, Hill this year joined Oakland on a one-year deal worth $6 mil and he has been worth every penny given to him. After starting four games for the Red Sox last season, I was honestly thinking “what are the A’s doing on giving Hill $6 mil”, well I was wrong and Hill has proved to everyone that he can still pitch at a high level, and especially in the Athletics’ rotation.

In addition, Hill has started 11 games and earned an 8-3 record, which gives him a .727 winning percentage. Despite the record, he has given up 16 earned runs and 3 unearned for a total of 19 that results in an ERA of 2.25, which is tremendous. In 64 innings pitched, he has already struck out 74 batters and only walked 24 of them. He owns a WHIP of 1.13 and a WAR of 2.3. This is his greatest season of his career and it happens when he is 36 years old.

Furthermore, the first team that can most definitely use Hill’s services are the Boston Red Sox. Hill would return to the team that helped him get this chance in Oakland and now he returns the favor as they need all the help they can get in the rotation. David Price has not lived up to the hype and you can say the same for Rick Porcello. Steven Wright has pitched well and is the only one on that high priced staff. Eduardo Rodriguez is trying to find a groove and will improve over time. Interestingly, the Red Sox are going with a four man rotation, which Clay Buchholz has pitched himself into a hole that led him to the bullpen. There is an opening for Rich Hill and he would be welcomed back. The Red Sox are only fighting for the AL East crown because of their offense and with a solid pitcher like Hill, you do not have to drive in all of those runs when he only gives up two per game.

Lastly, the Baltimore Orioles are the last team on my list as they do need one starter to put them over the hump and to take the AL East crown. The Orioles could use the southpaw as they do not have on in their rotation. The Orioles are the like the Red Sox due to their offense. Now, Hill could join Chris Tillman, Ubaldo Jimenez, Kevin Gausman, and Yovani Gallardo in the rotation, which if Hill joined the team, Tyler Wilson would be bumped into the bullpen or head back to Triple-A. Tillman has bounced back this season, Ubaldo has pitched poorly, Gausman has been up and down, and Gallardo in four starts before getting hurt was sluggish. Wilson has been serviceable, but is not the answer the Orioles need. Hill would be plugged into the middle of that rotation and be the factor in a three game series. Hill has tons of experience in the American League and has faced the American League East multiple times in his career. He has a really good track record against the AL East.

Prediction: Hill gets traded to the Red Sox.

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