Which Rays Will Make The All-Star Team?

Credit: J. Meric/Getty Images North America (Longoria picture) Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America (Colome picture)

With voting ending June 24th, baseball fans in general and Rays fans should realize that Alex Colome and Evan Longoria have been top three at their positions this year by not only the stats they put up, but the value and importance they are for their team. If it was not for Alex Colome, the Rays would have blown lots of late games, as their bullpen is not that good. Also, if Evan Longoria was not playing the way he is, the team would have not pulled together all of these runs on the board, and there would be more errors on this up and down defense.

Now, Alex Colome has been phenomenal for Tampa, as he has piled up 27 innings in 25 games. Now, in those 25 games, he has recorded 17 saves in 17 save opportunities. That is fantastic, as he has been unstoppable on the mound, and to go with his dominance, he has a 1.00 ERA and punched out 35 batters while only walking seven. He owns a 1.4 WAR this year. He is currently second in saves (17) in the American League. The 27-year-old closer looks like that he will receive a nice deal when the off-season hits. His 0.93 WHIP is the sixth best in the league with closers having 10 or more saves this year. He has been better than Wade Davis, Francisco Rodriguez, Craig Kimbrel, and others, but cannot seem to get past Zach Britton, who is the number one closer in the American League.

Next, Evan Longoria has been on a tear making pitchers wanting to avoid him, but he is finding that one pitch and making magic happen with it. He is on pace to have a career year, which he has not had in quite a long time. Longo has plated 14 long balls in the cheap seats and picked up 35 RBIs. He has a slash line of .279/.332/.865 in 229 at-bats. He is currently the fifth best third baseman from a statistic standpoint, but he is the reason why the Rays are getting on a hot run. I would prefer to see Evan Longoria in the All-Star game in San Diego than Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Indians and Yunel Escobar of the Los Angeles Angels. It would be really cool for the 30-year-old third baseman to play in that All-Star game, because he is from California. His glove has been amazing as well, which he has a chance to win another Gold Glove Award.

Finally, these two players deserve it and can play with the other premier players at their current roles or positions. They deserve to represent baseball in this amazing All-Star game that they put on every year and it would be a shame to not see them play the game that we all come to love.


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