Trade Watch: Daniel Hudson

Credit: Michael Chow/azcentral sports


With the trade deadline almost a month away, it is important to spot out a player that could demand lots of pieces due to their high value. That one player is on the Arizona Diamondbacks, Daniel Hudson, who use to be a starter, but that ended back in 2012. He was moved to the bullpen after missing the 2013 season with a gruesome injury he sustained. After, they moved him into the bullpen, and it has been the best move the Diamondbacks had made in a while. Hudson’s first full season back from that injury was in 2015, where he had a up and down season, but he did hit some good strides that year.

Now, in the 2016 season, the 29-year-old flamethrower has been one of the best relievers this year by showing the complete dominance that we all waited for. Hudson has appeared in 30 games for 29 innings. In those 30 games, he has struck out 24 batters, while only walking nine. He has posted a record of 1-1 and to go along with his record, he has earned himself an ERA of 1.55. This reliever has a WAR of 1.2.

In addition, Hudson is a cheap option for teams looking to bolster their bullpen for a long run for the playoffs. He is only making $2.7 mil this year, but the thing that is going to scare other teams from trading heavily for him is the fact that he is an unrestricted free agent after this season, which means he is no longer under team control and that he can sign with whoever he wants. I do have a two teams in mind that could use some bullpen help and those two include the Texas Rangers, and the Toronto Blue Jays. Now, despite being 12 games out of first place and sitting at a 34-40 record, the Diamondbacks are interested in extending Hudson, which he would be kept for a fair price, but not a bank breaker deal for a reliever.

Finally, I say those two teams due to the fact that they need major help in their bullpen to stay in the hunt, as both of their offenses has kept them in play. The Rangers bullpen and rotation have been better than the Blue Jays, but the Rangers do have an open spot with Tom Wilhelmsen going back to the Seattle Mariners. Hudson would have a chance to step in as the team’s setup man or split time there with Matt Bush, who has been dominant as well. Lastly, the Blue Jays totally messed up by acquiring Drew Storen and that the bullpen has been a disaster all season, but their offense has saved them, so they go out and get Hudson to become the team’s setup man with no one competing for that job there in Toronto due to his elite play.

Prediction: The Rangers go out and trade for Daniel Hudson. The Rangers give up Edwin Garcia, 25, who is a shortstop in Triple-A and either Sam Wolff, 25, or Connor Sadzeck, 24, who are both right handed pitchers in Double-A.

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