The 76ers Should Sign Dellavedova

Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


With the NBA off-season about to open, the Philadelphia 76ers are in a good and safe boat after selecting Ben Simmons with the first overall pick in the draft, plus they kept all of their big men in Okafor, Noel, and Embiid. Now, one of those big men could be departed via trade, if they want a solid point guard, but I think they are better off signing one via free agency. They have plenty of options in the open market with players like Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, Matthew Dellavedova, and Mike Conley Jr.

In addition, many doubt Rondo will go to a young team in a rebuilding process and the same with Conley Jr. Williams could go to Philly to raise his trade value up and end up midway next season on a new team, as most people see Philly missing the playoffs again. Interestingly, Dellavedova would benefit going to Philly, as he would see much more playing time, and he has a chance on becoming a starting point guard.

Furthermore, this gritty player would fit Philly’s need as a point guard, as he plays a strong defensive game, which the team is based on. Scoring will be the biggest issue for the Sixers and Delly. Delly is not a great scoring point guard, but he will get his ten points a night, which will come mostly from behind the arc, but he will record many assists by feeding the big men down in the low post. He is a smart player that knows how to run the offense, which Head Coach Brett Brown needs.

Lastly, the 25-year-old had his best season yet by scoring 7.5 points per game and averaging 6.5 assists per game. He made 86 percent of his free throws, and shot 41 percent from both the field and three-point line. He did this in 76 games, which he started 14 of them. He also has a winning background, which is a plus factor for a young team. The Cavaliers want to keep the team together, but with the Sixers having the third most money available to spend (around $47 mil), they will throw money to him and they will have to overpay somewhat, as Philadelphia has trouble landing free agents. The Australian is a restricted free agent, which means that the Cavaliers have a chance to match the offer by the 76ers, if he is qualified an offer by Cleveland. Dellavedova could potentially receive a three or four year deal worth around $20 mil or $25 mil and maybe more depending the team going after him.

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