The Rangers Should Trade For Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce
Credit: Daniel Satter/Daniel Satter Sport Talk

The Rays are already out of the playoff hunt, which will make them sellers around the trade deadline, but if teams do not wait till the deadline, they should already go get someone that could help them now and increase their lead or chances on becoming first place team, and the player to help achieve that goal is Steve Pearce. Now, it is also good to get a player like him now, as he is about to come off the disable list, plus you can get him more acclimated in the clubhouse with players and coaches he has never teamed with before.

Now, Steve Pearce is on a one-year deal that is actually cheap ($4.75 mil) and the new team that trades for him will have to pay the rest of his deal, which should be a mil or two. That is not bad, plus he is a versatile player. He can play the corner infield and outfield spots, plus he is actually a decent second baseman. If he stays in the American League, he can be the team’s designated hitter. Now, the team that I have him potentially landing with via trade are the Texas Rangers. The Rangers could use his bat against southpaw pitching, as their current first basemen, Mitch Moreland cannot hit lefties and shockingly, right-handed pitching too. Pearce could become the Rangers full time first baseman, as he is carrying a hotter stick than Moreland. Also, Pearce has had a nice bounce back season and is currently hitting right-handed pitching with a .299 batting average, and hitting southpaws with a .383 batting average.

In addition to Pearce’s splits against both types of pitching, he has hit nine homers and drove in 25 RBIs in 174 at-bats. He is slugging .540, which is tremendous and is first on the team with batters having over 100 at-bats.

Next, Pearce is 33 years old, and that will lower the return for the Rays, but his incredible play will balance that out. So if the Rays trade with the Rangers, they could potentially land Tyler Phillips.

Finally, Tyler Phillips was selected in the 16th round of the 2015 MLB Draft. He is the Rangers 29th overall ranked prospect. He is a 6’5″, 200 pound right handed pitcher that can range 91-94 mph on his fastball, which it will get faster as he gets stronger. His slider and changeup are a work in progress. The Rangers do not give up much here for Pearce, which is great for them, but the Rays can get an athletic bulldog like pitcher that can become a solid three or four in the rotation. He is only in Short Single-A, a class lower than Low Single-A. Lastly, some say that his ceiling is higher than most of the starters in the Texas system, which is tough to say, as Dillion Tate, Luis Ortiz, Michael Matuella, and Brett Martin are in the top ten prospect list for the Rangers.

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  1. Mike Young says:

    How dumb do you think Jon Daniels is? Not a good fit or idea, They are overloaded on the infield and will not make a deal for a injured 33 year old!


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