What Are The Jets Quarterback Options?


With training camp approaching, the Jets seem to be entering this season without last year’s signal caller in Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had a career year with the Jets under a familiar face in Chan Gailey, who was Fitzpatrick’s Head Coach in Buffalo, but Gailey is currently the Jets offensive coordinator. So, with the Jets and Fitzpatrick unsettled in finding a deal to please both parties, the Jets will continue on with Geno Smith, Christian Hackenberg, and Bryce Petty. Now interestingly, the Rams have reported that they will keep Foles in the mix, but it seems that they are looking to trade him for a late round draft pick instead of cutting him, which Foles is a talented quarterback, who had a career year back in 2013 when he threw 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Foles will not start over Jared Goff or Case Keenum, which both quarterbacks are locked up into long term deals, and Foles is a free agent after this season.

Furthermore, I doubt the Jets think that Smith, Hackenberg or Petty are ready to be the team’s starting quarterback this year, as Petty is still learning a NFL style offense, unlike the offense he ran at Baylor. Smith is just to inconsistent, as we have seen when he goes into games and lastly, Hackenberg has a better chance starting over Petty, as Hackenberg played in a NFL ready offense at Penn State, but he needs to retool his mechanics and mind, as he struggled at Penn State after Bill O’Brien left to go coach the Houston Texans, but that was not all of Hackenberg’s fault, as his offensive line was one of the worst in all of college football.

However, the Jets do have a good wide receiving group in the mix with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Devin Smith, and others. Now, the running backs are also very good at catching the football too, like Matt Forte and Bilal Powell. These five pure pass catchers can make any quarterback on this roster succeed and the same with Chan Gailey’s simple offense. Now, the Jets do run the football, which will ease some stress off the quarterbacks.

Finally, I do think Nick Foles will be traded to the Jets at some point throughout training camp, which will most likely end either Geno Smith’s or Bryce Petty’s tenure with the team, unless the Jets can sneak Petty onto the practice squad, which his highly unlikely. Foles comes in and Smith goes out. 

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