Brayden Schenn Stays In Philly

Credit: Yong Kim/Staff Photographer on


 Today, Ron Hextall, who is the Flyers general manager, finally got his biggest question of the off-season fixed by signing Brayden Schenn to a four-year deal worth $20.5 mil, according to Bob McKenzie of Schenn was a restricted free agent, which he was going to land almost $5 mil from arbitration, so the Flyers decided to just pay him that, but per year with his new deal. This deal will keep the 24-year-old forward in Philly through his age-28 season.

 Also, the forward had a career year by scoring 26 goals and assisted his teammates 33 times. He tallied up a total of 59 points and he also had a plus three in the plus-minus department in 80 games. 

 Finally, expect Schenn to produce the same stat line every year, which is a great thing, because those are excellent numbers and he will be a 30-30 guy this year. Lastly, this year Schenn will be the X-factor on why the Flyers will go far into the playoffs. 

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