What Did The Yankees Get For Chapman?

Photo Via MILB.com


 Today, the Yankees decided to trade away one of the three headed monsters in their bullpen. Aroldis Chapman will be heading to the Northside of Chicago. Now, the Yankees did good here by picking up a major league pitcher in Adam Warren, prospects in Gleyber Torres and Billy McKinney, plus outfielder Rashad Crawford.

 Now, Gleyber Torres is the Cubs number one prospect and will be putting on the pinstripes. Interestingly, Torres and Mateo are two of the best shortstop prospects in the league. I think Mateo will eventually shift over to second base. Both will be together in New York in about three years. By then, Starlin Castro should be out the door and same as Didi Gregorius. Now, not that they are doing bad, but Torres and Mateo are the future and will be the future up the middle for New York. 

 Next, Billy McKinney was part of the Jeff Samardzija deal that shipped Addison Russell to Chicago. McKinney is close on reaching the show and the Yankees could use a player like him on their roster. 

 In addition, Rashad Crawford is the fourth man in the deal to head over to the Yankees. He is an outfielder that consist of speed and the ability to spread the ball around the field. Nice pickup for the Yankees, now they have more speed in the outfield, but farm system.

 Finally, Adam Warren is going back to New York, where he was discovered and pitched well for them. He has struggled in Chicago and hopefully the Yankees can get him to throw the way he did in 2015. 


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