Dodgers Acquire Rich Hill And Josh Reddick

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 Today, the Dodgers added 36-year-old southpaw Rich Hill and outfielder Josh Reddick for three top prospects in Cotton, Holmes, and Montas. This deal will hurt the Dodgers in the long run of the team’s future, but right now they are in a win now mode and are closing in on the Giants, who are struggling.

 Now, the Dodgers’ rotation has taken hits left and right, as their starters have been hurt all year. Adding Hill brings versatility, as he can be a starter or reliever, but as well as he has pitched, he will be in their rotation. He is a free agent after this year and at the right price, the Dodgers might retain his services. He is an All-Star this year and that is all thanks to his stats, which sit right now at a 9-3 record with an incredible 2.25 ERA in 14 starts. He has been limited to 14 starts due to blister problems on his finger. In 14 starts, he has tossed 76 innings and punched out 90 batters.

 In addition, Josh Reddick will be heading over to Los Angeles, where he will split time with Puig, Thompson, Pederson, and Van Slyke or Toles. Rumors say that Puig could be traded to the White Sox for James Shields. It would seem to be Toles heading back to Triple-A if Puig is not traded. 

 Finally, Reddick is 29 years old and is a free agent after this season. The A’s were trying to get a deal done, but it did not go the way both parties would of like for it to go, so they traded him. Now, I do believe if Puig is moved, the Dodgers will extend Reddick, who is having a masterful season. In 68 games, he has totaled 243 at-bats and a .296 batting average, while slugging .449. Interestingly, he is having his best season when it comes to getting on base, as he owns a .368 OBP. Lastly, he has belted 8 homers and drove in 28 RBIs. 


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