Prospect Watch: Keury Mella

Credit: Daniel Satter/Daniel Satter Sports Talk

 Today, Keury Mella will be the center of attention, as he is one of the Reds better pitching prospects. He is ranked 8th in their minor league system. They acquired the young starter in a trade last year for Mike Leake. 

 Now, the 23-year-old right-handed pitcher is having a good 2016 campaign. He has done a good enough job to start next season off at Double-A. This year, he has posted a 7-8 record with a high 3.80 ERA in 21 games (20 starts). In 113.2 innings, he has struck out 80 batters, but has walked 51 batters, which is really high. 

 In addition to the high walks, his command is up and down due to his delivery. His delivery is deceptive, but walks are high, as he throws across his body and it leads him into the wrong direction making the pitch tilt outside. 

 However, he does have the arsenal to be a quality starter at the professional level. His fastball ranges around 93-98 mph, which is his best pitch, but he is good at pairing it with a power breaking ball that makes hitters miss. His changeup is good, but he does not throw it as often, which he should start using it more. 

 Finally, if he continues to improve, he can contribute at the pro level in the rotation or bullpen with his arsenal. 

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