Teams That Should Look Into Mike Glennon After This Season

Credit: Daniel Satter/Daniel Satter Sports Talk

Smartly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not trade Mike Glennon right now, as the season is upon us, and that he is key to the Bucs if Winston goes down. It would take some high draft picks to land Glennon right now, which he teams could get him after the season, which his rookie contract ends.

In addition, the Bucs declined a second-round pick around the NFL Draft to retain Glennon, plus they have also had interest in keeping the backup in Tampa. They had a two-year deal on the table for $6 mil a year, but no further negotiations happened.

Now, in the 19 games Glennon has played in, he has started 18 of them. He has thrown 619 passes and completed 364 of them for 4,025 yards and a 58.8 completion percentage. He has totaled up 29 passing touchdowns and five wins.

Furthermore, the 26-year-old quarterback has had an impressive pre-season, which is showing other teams that he is worth acquiring next year in free agency. If he departs, the Buccaneers can receive a compensatory third-round pick.

However, their are many teams that would love to have him as their quarterback, but most teams would offer him a job as a backup with those teams being set with a franchise quarterback already, but two teams that I could see pursue the righty are the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears.

First, the Saints would be smart to pick up a smart pocket passing quarterback. Drew Brees’ contract ends soon and he is not getting younger, which they need to start investing in a younger quarterback like Glennon, who could be a solid quarterback if put with the right offensive minded coach, as they have already with Sean Payton. They also have an up and coming offensive line that can be an elite force.

Next, the last team that could entertain the idea of bringing in Glennon could be the Chicago Bears. Now, Jay Cutler has a mega deal, which he is not worth all that money. The Bears would be better off cutting Cutler and starting over with a young quarterback with some experience.

Finally, both teams have some nice weapons on offense and offensive systems to allow Glennon to excel. Also, he could demand $8 to $10 mil per season over three or four years.

Prediction: Glennon lands with New Orleans

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