Browns Player Preview: Robert Griffin III

Credit: Daniel Satter Sports Talk

 This past off-season the Cleveland Browns hired Hue Jackson to call the shots. So one of his first calls was to Robert Griffin III and was offering him a chance to become the starting quarterback for the Browns. Jackson wants his quarterback and found him, which RGIII won the job. He might not be the franchise type quarterback he once was deemed to be in Washington, but now that is all past him and he needs to play at a consistent level to maintain his job. 

 Now, Griffin had a rough OTAs, but redeemed himself during training camp, which in the late portion of camp, Griffin had played really well in his first two pre-season games, but then the joint practice against Tampa hurt him, as they picked him apart and then he did show some resurgence in the game against the Buccaneers. 

 Furthermore, he is throwing the deep ball well, but you cannot live off those passes. He needs to use his legs smartly and to make all the easy throws, plus health is the biggest concern with his past history.

 Finally, I think the Browns will have a tough year, but I do think RGIII will have a comeback type season that will allow him to be the comeback player of the year. Lastly, it will be interesting to watch the team grow. 

 2016 Predictions: 22 total touchdowns and a combined 3,600 yards. 62.2 passing completion percentage.

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