NFL Draft Prospect Watch: Phazahn Odom

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 Today’s prospect watch will be on Fordham University’s very own Phazahn Odom, who is a tight end that has the chance to play on Sundays in the near future. The 6’8″ giant is a tight end that is not hard to miss and his height will be a factor in him getting drafted.

 In addition, not only will his height help him, but his athleticism and speed for a tight end is game changing. He runs clean routes and owns a nice pair of hands. What hurts Odom is that he is not in a big football program, which will be used against him, but expect this Senior to show out during the season that will earn him a chance to be invited to the Shrine Game or Senior Bowl near the end of the season, when the draft is coming up.

 Also, he is a freak of nature and makes mismatches that confuses defenses by lining him up in the slot against a safety, corner, or linebacker, as no one on the field is his height and can keep up with him, but if they do keep up with him, he usually just boxes them out or turn on the after burners to evade the defenders and to go up for the ball. 

 So far, the 2016 campaign has gone good for him, but Fordham needs to find ways to get him the ball more, as he only has four catches for 80 yards with one score.

 Last year, the raw product broke out by playing in 12 games. In those 12 games, he recorded 37 passes for 492 yards, which out of those 37 passes, he scored seven times. He is a great red zone threat.

 Interestingly, Odom is not a bad blocker for a dominant receiving tight end. He does need to work on his pad level while blocking, as he stays to high.

 Furthermore, Odom will be a mid or late round draft pick, but do not be shocked if a team drafts him, as a reach due to his skills set and raw potential. He will fall anywhere from rounds three to five.

 Next, one team that I could see take a chance on Odom could be the Miami Dolphins, as their tight end group is up and down every year since they lost Charles Clay after the 2014 season.

 Finally, I say the Dolphins, as Jordan Cameron has dropped of since making the Pro-Bowl back in 2013 and looks done in the league. The Dolphins have Dion Sims, as he is the better blocking tight end on the roster, which would allow the Dolphins to use Odom on passing downs. Odom would remind Dolphins’ Head Coach Adam Gase of a more raw version of Julius Thomas, who he had in his time in Denver as the offensive coordinator. Both are similar to each other, but I do believe Thomas was a better blocker at an early stage of their careers.

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