Extension Candidate: Charles Sims

Credit: Daniel Satter/ Daniel Satter Sports Talk


Charles Sims is entering his third year in the NFL, which makes him eligible to receive a new contract. He has one more year left on his rookie contract.

Now, Sims was a shocking pick in Lovie’s first year in Tampa. Lovie Smith got him due to the fact “that he reminds me of Matt Forte.” Many people were shaking their heads saying “We have Doug Martin, why do we need another running back.” Well, in this league you need at least two solid running backs and especially one that can catch the ball coming out of the backfield.

In addition, that is Charles Sims and he is a vital piece in this Buccaneer offense, as he is a versatile piece that can line up on the outside, slot, or remain in the backfield.

Sims had a breakout year in 2015. He ran the ball for 529 yards with zero scores. He makes his money off of his strongest suite, the passing game. He was targeted 70 times and caught 51 passes for 561 yards for four touchdowns.

Furthermore, into his breakout season, he was averaging 4.9 yards per carry and totaling 1,090 yards from scrimmage on 158 touches.

Interestingly, according to Pro Football Focus, they ranked Sims fifth in their running back rankings tying with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart with an 84.2 overall grade.

Shockingly, out of all the running backs in the 2014 NFL Draft, Jason Licht thought Sims was “the top receiving back in the draft” and noted that he “stuck out” in the third round, and that they could not pass up the West Virginia product. So why would they let him walk after next season, if he is so highly valued to the team and that the general manager and coaches say many great things about him? Like Dirk Koetter thinks Sims “can be an every-down back.”

Finally, his value will drive up, but I do think the Buccaneers will extend him for a fair price that benefits both parties.

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