NFL Draft Prospect Watch: Jesus “Bobo” Wilson

Credit: Jeff Gammons/Getty Images
Today’s prospect watch will be about Florida State’s wide receiver Jesus “Bobo” Wilson. He is an intriguing player to watch, as he does all of the dirty work on the offense by running underneath routes and returning footballs. Wilson also runs the Post and Up route, which is a sneaky move. His speed is what makes that route work to perfection.

First off, the senior will draw lots of attention to NFL teams and their scouts. He is a strong fellow for only being 5’10” and 184 pounds, but the ability to create separation with a bigger corner might come into play as a concern, but he can use his speed and agility to break that separation. More of his positives include the ability to run crisp routes and use his soft hands to reel in the catch, then he possesses the ability to break off a long run due to his ball carrier vision. He uses that incredible vision also on returning kicks and punts. His versatility allows him to lineup anywhere on the field, whether it be on the outside (left or right) or inside the slot.

Now, his size will be his negative, plus his past history off the field will play a factor in the scouts and teams opinion, but since that off the field incident, the Seminole has been out of trouble.

However, there is one way for him to prove to scouts and teams that he can play at the next level with a chance on being invited to either the Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, or NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. With the talent Wilson possesses, he should be able to land playing time in one of those games.

On the other hand, his college career statistics are going to be looked at, which he caught 125 passes for 1,512 receiving yards and scoring eight times. He owns a collegiate average of 12.1 yards per catch. Interestingly, this season is the highest he ever produced at an incredible 15.5 yards per catch.

In addition, he is more productive as a punt returner. In 42 career punt returns, he scored a touchdown on one punt and tallied up a total of 371 yards for an 8.8 yards per return.

Finally, I think Jesus Wilson is most comparable to John Brown of the Arizona Cardinals, which John Brown is a type of player that every team wants in the NFL. The one team that I could see select Jesus Wilson is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as Vincent Jackson is declining and is a free agent after this season, plus the Buccaneers could add more speed and a pass catcher that they desperately lack. Wilson will be a day three pick (rounds 4-7) that could wind up as a steal. Also he will reunite with Jameis Winston.

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