Rays Retain Eveland


Photo courtesy of MLB.com

Today, the Tampa Bay Rays gave Dana Eveland a one-year deal, but only as a minor league contract. Eveland joined the Rays last season and had a surprising spring training, which landed him a spot on the team, but soon ended his season at the highest level of them all, after he struggled heavily.

In addition to Eveland’s outright from the 40-man roster, he finished his 2016 MLB campaign with 23 innings and by giving up a disappointing 23 runs on 32 hits that resulted in a 9.00 ERA. He only struck out 21 hitters while walking 19 of them. One good note from Eveland’s stint was his ground-ball rate of 47.4 percent.

On the other hand, Eveland provides solid depth and veterancy for the younger pitchers, which he will most likely start next season in Triple-A Durham.

Finally, his minor league stats most likely had an impact on another chance, which he had an 0.30 ERA in only 29.2 innings and striking out 21 batters.

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