Satter’s NFL Mock Draft: Fourth Edition


NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas
Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This mock draft order is based off of Bleacher Report while entering the 17th week of the NFL season. Some interesting picks on who has risen or fallen, for instance, Reuben Foster flying up my draft boards and what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do at pick number 18, plus where does Christian McCaffrey land in the first round? Also, I will give you an analysis on every other pick.

  1. Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett – DE – Texas A&M
  2. San Francisco 49ers – Reuben Foster – ILB – Alabama
  3. Chicago Bears – Mitch Trubisky – QB – North Carolina
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dalvin Cook – RB – FSU
  5. Tennessee Titans – Jonathan Allen – DL – Alabama
  6. New York Jets – Leonard Fournette – RB – LSU
  7. San Diego Chargers – Jamal Adams – S – LSU
  8. Cincinnati Bengals – Derek Barnett – DE – Tennessee
  9. Carolina Panthers – Cam Robinson – OT – Alabama
  10. Cleveland Browns – Jabrill Peppers – S/LB – Michigan
  11. Arizona Cardinals – Quincy Wilson – CB – Florida
  12. Buffalo Bills – Malik McDowell – DL – Michigan State
  13. Indianapolis Colts – Tim Williams – EDGE – Alabama
  14. New Orleans Saints – Takkarist McKinley – EDGE – UCLA
  15. Philadelphia Eagles – Mike Williams – WR – Clemson
  16. Tennessee Titans – Corey Davis – WR – Western Michigan
  17. Baltimore Ravens – Taco Charlton – EDGE – Michigan
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – D’Onta Foreman – RB – Texas
  19. Denver Broncos – Zach Cunningham – ILB – Vanderbilt
  20. Washington Redskins – Teez Tabor – CB – Florida
  21. Houston Texans – Montravius Adams – DL – Auburn
  22. Green Bay Packers – Christian McCaffrey – RB – Stanford
  23. Detroit Lions – Marlon Humphrey – CB – Alabama
  24. Seattle Seahawks – Ryan Ramczyk – OT – Wisconsin
  25. Miami Dolphins – O.J. Howard – TE – Alabama
  26. New York Giants – Dan Feeney – OG – Indiana
  27. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ryan Anderson – EDGE – Alabama
  28. Kansas City Chiefs – Sidney Jones – CB – Washington
  29. Atlanta Falcons – Marshon Lattimore – CB – Ohio State
  30. Oakland Raiders – John Ross – WR – Washington
  31. Dallas Cowboys – DeMarcus Walker – DE – FSU
  32. New England Patriots – Caleb Brantley – DL – Florida


1. Browns – The Browns take the best player in the draft and add more talent to their defense that has struggled. You cannot go wrong with this pick. The AFC North is a defensive division and the Browns need to join that trend.

2. 49ers – Many NFL fans think the Niners should take a quarterback here at number two, but remember when the Niners were one of the top teams and especially on defensive side of things in the NFL throughout the Jim Harbaugh era. The Niners selected two defensive linemen the past two drafts in the first round (Armstead & Buckner), but now it is time to fill the hole behind them and pair Bowman with a stud like Foster. Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman were one of the best duos when they played together and I think that will happen with this new tandem.

3. Bears – The Jay Cutler era needs to end after this year and an new era opens with Trubisky in the Windy City. He is the best quarterback option that will give this franchise hope again. Barkley or Hoyer could be retained to allow Trubisky to settle in and not be rushed in.

4. Jaguars – Cook would stay in the state of Florida but just switching from the northwest of Florida to the northeast of the state. He is a house hold name and is the best all around running back in the draft. He is my number one back over Fournette due to the fact that he is a healthier player. The Jaguars running game has stunk and needs a lead back.

5. Titans – The Titans take the best player available. Allen is a monster and will provide an instant spark to a up and down front three. Top three talent and he is still a potential number one pick, but to get him at five is a steal.

6. Jets – Fournette lands in the Big Apple and comes in as the future of the offense. Forte looks done and Powell is just a rotational back, which is good, as Fournette needs someone to spell him with injuries coming into question.

7. Chargers – Adams fills the hole that was left when Eric Weddle left for Baltimore. Adams can do it all, whether it is stacking in the box or being the centerfielder of the defense. Solid pick and the Chargers fill a spot that will never need to be touched for the next eight to ten years.

8. Bengals – Derek Barnett gets to continue to wear orange, but in a darker shade. He joins a good team, but unfortunately the playoff streak ends, which is okay as the Bengals get a chance to pick up a solid playmaker in Barnett, who is my favorite pass rusher in the draft with his hand in the dirt.

9. Panthers – Robinson is Netwon’s blindside protector of the future and steps in right away, which pushes Oher to the right side. Remmers moves to the bench, but it builds solid depth to a lackluster offensive tackle group.

10. Browns – The Browns could take a quarterback here, but why when Peppers is on the board, plus the Browns defense gets more versatile and adds more game changing players on defense. Peppers is Kordell Stewart, but on defense, as he can play the linebacker, safety, and corner positions.

11. Cardinals – The Cardinals take Quincy Wilson, who has been shadowed in college by current teammate Teez Tabor and former teammate Vernon Hargreaves III. Wilson has been rumored to be the best out of the trio. Patrick Peterson gets paired with a corner that will compete with him day in and out.

12. Bills – McDowell is a clear pick for the Bills. Kyle Williams is old and needs to be replaced in a year or two, so they get their guy here. They need a safety, but they can take Budda Baker early in the second round.

13. Colts – Tim Williams is my favorite pass rusher when standing up and the Colts land a man that knows how to get to the quarterback. Indianapolis might have found their next Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

14. Saints – The Saints get a sleeper in McKinley. Quiet riser that joins a young and struggling defense. They continue to spend early picks in the draft on the defense, which will eventually pay off.

15. Eagles – Carson Wentz needs help and the Eagles get the best receiver in the draft. Williams does it all, which is a bonus. If the Eagles can fix Agholor’s drop problems and find a way to extend Jordan Matthews, who has one more year left on his deal, and let Williams develop into a true number one, the Eagles will have a solid trio of receivers for Wentz.

16. Titans – Corey Davis goes to an up and coming offense that has solid pieces up and down the gridiron. Davis, Matthews, and Sharpe ends up being a silent starting three, but a deadly trio. Titans gamble on the Western Michigan product and I think it will pay off.

17. Ravens – The Ravens select the man with the greatest first name in the draft, Taco! This kid was on a superb Michigan defense and was one of the reasons why they were so good, as he sacked the quarterback nine times and applied tons of pressure. Suggs and Dumervil are old and the Ravens need to find their potential replacements.

18. Buccaneers – Shockingly, Doug Martin has been benched the last two games of the regular season and he is healthy. Martin has had a down year with a fair offensive line and missed tons of time with an injury earlier in the season. He played well last year (contract year) and got paid then he performs poorly, which raises the organization’s and fan’s eyebrows. His time might be over in Tampa, which could allow the Buccaneers to select the bulldozer from Texas. Foreman is a stud and is not afraid to take a pounding and go right up the middle, plus Rodgers would be a perfect rotational guy for him, as he can do everything, and Sims is perfect on the change off pace role.

19. Broncos – The Broncos have not filled the hole left by Danny Trevathan, who left the team for Chicago in the off-season. Cunningham would step right in and fit right in with this amazing defense. He makes all of his tackles.

20. Redskins – The Redskins add another corner to the defense. Norman, Breeland, and Tabor sounds like a really scary trio for the opposition. All three can play any corner spot, whether it is inside or outside on the field.

21. Texans – The Texans add more depth by drafting Adams from Auburn. Watt has been hurt lately and they get a guy to compete with Covington on the other side of the front three in Houston. Safe pick that helps the team out. Many experts say they need to draft a safety early, but with Hooker returning to Ohio State for next season, the Texans could select Marcus Williams or Justin Evans.

22. Packers – The Packers take McCaffrey and add more explosiveness to an offense that has struggled at times. He is a solid runner, but the ability to catch the football is a plus, as the Packers love having running backs that can catch the ball. McCaffrey and Starks would be a nice duo, maybe they bring back Lacy to complete the group.

23. Lions – Lions get Slay a partner and a good one. Humphrey is said to be the best corner in the draft, but people said that about former Alabama corner Dee Milliner, who struggled. That is why I have Humphrey near the end of the first round.

24. Seahawks – The Seahawks get Wilson’s blind side protector, which is a need, as Okung left the team to go join the Broncos. Seattle’s offensive line in general is one of the weakest unit on the team.

25. Dolphins – Once Charles Clay left Miami, the tight end position has produced poorly. Howard does it all, plus he is a versatile tight end that can line up as a wide receiver and he blocks really well. Cameron will most likely be gone from the Dolphins roster and Sims is a nice backup.

26. Giants – Feeney is the best guard prospect in the draft. This is not a sexy pick for Giants, but a safe and solid pick. Remember when the Cowboys selected Zach Martin, their fans did not like it, well that same response will happen here. John Jerry is a stop gap player at the guard position. Feeney comes in day one and is named the starting right guard of the New York Giants.

27. Steelers – Another quiet riser is Ryan Anderson, who is a pass rusher from Alabama. The Steelers need to add a pass rusher with James Harrison getting older and Jarvis Jones looking like an impending free agent. The Steelers continue to maintain a heavy defense.

28. Chiefs – Sidney Jones is the best west coast corner in the draft and pairs up with former Husky, Marcus Peters. Jones and Peters will be a fun duo to watch for many years to come. The secondary gets stronger, as the cornerback group would also include D.J. White, Phillip Gaines, Steven Nelson, Kenneth Acker, and Terrance Mitchell.

29. Falcons – The Falcons cannot pass up Lattimore at 29, which is shocking how low he dropped. Trufant, Lattimore, Collins, and Alford is a interesting group. The Falcons need pass rush help, but they can easily find that in rounds two and three.

30. Raiders – Seth Roberts has had some questionable drops, but keeping him with Cooper and Crabtree, then adding Ross to the mix makes this a deadly vertical offense. Ross can fly and run any route. He is a true game changer.

31. Cowboys – Walker is a solid balanced player that can stop both the run and pass. Interestingly, he can line up inside if needed, but the Cowboys would use him as an end. Walker would light up Marinelli’s eyes when he finds out Jerry Jones uses a draft pick on him.

32. Patriots – Alan Branch is getting older and the team only carries three defensive tackles. Brantley is a good quiet pick that pay off. Brantley could line up anywhere on the Patriots’ front three or four, as they use multiple schemes.

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