Nets Land Crabbe


Credit: Sports Illustrated

The Brooklyn Nets add more scoring help to the roster by moving Andrew Nicholson to the Portland Trail Blazers for Allen Crabbe, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of

The Nets finally get their target after missing out on him a year ago in the open market. He agreed to sign with Brooklyn last year, but Portland decided to match the Nets offer (four-years, $75MM), but the Trail blazers have realized after a year that should of let him walk, but now they are shedding his contract to not get penalized by the luxury tax.

In addition to the deal, Andrew Nicholson will hit the waiver wire, due to the fact that the Portland Trail Blazers will cut him loose.

Furthermore, not saying it will happen, but this move gives the Trail Blazers room to land Carmelo Anthony if he is bought out by the New York Knicks, but that is the only way, as the Knicks superstar will not waive his no-trade clause. They will have a shot to land a guy like Paul George with a nice core intact.

Finally, Crabbe will be paired with DeAngelo Russell in the backcourt from a paper standpoint, but Crabbe could also be a solid sixth-man for the Nets. Now, with a lesser experienced Nets roster, Crabbe will most likely be forced into the starting lineup, which I believe he wants to be a starter in the NBA.

 Crabbe’s 2016-2017 season stats: 10.7 PPG, 2.9 RPG, shot 44 percent from behind the arc and 47 percent from the field.

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