49ers Trade For Jimmy G


New England Patriots v Houston Texans
Photo courtesy of CBS Boston

The San Francisco 49ers traded their 2018 second-round draft pick to the New England Patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com.

This deal is a head scratcher on both sides. Here is why.

First off, the mighty New England Patriots are in first place once again in their division with a 6-2 record and they just traded Tom Brady’s main backup.

If Brady gets hurt, who is going to step in and contribute? They do not have Jacoby Brissett, as they traded him away earlier in the season to the Indianapolis Colts.

The Patriots must find a backup to Brady just for this year and most likely they will draft a quarterback for the future to replace Brady in next year’s NFL Draft. That is the smartness of the Patriots organization.

However, next year’s draft is loaded with quarterbacks and am shocked the Niners decided to part ways with a valued draft pick to land an impending free agent in Jimmy Garoppolo.

In addition, they will most likely extend the newly-acquired Niner and draft a quarterback as well, but maybe in the third or fourth round with C.J. Beathard on the team. They have tons of cap space to extend Jimmy G.

Finally, Garoppolo offers limited NFL experience, as he is Brady’s understudy and started two games for New England in 2016 while Brady was serving a four-game suspension.

 Garoppolo career stats: 17 games (2-0 as a starter), 5 touchdowns, 0 ints, 690 passing yards, 67% passing completion.

 Note: After this trade went through, the Niners released Brian Hoyer, per Adam Schefter.


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