Spurs Might Want To Extend Kyle Anderson


Photo courtesy of USATSI

The San Antonio Spurs have played extremely well this year (14-7) without superstar Kawhi Leonard and were leaning heavily on LaMarcus Aldridge, plus hoping that Kyle Anderson would fill the hole for Kawhi for a good amount of time, which he has.

In addition, Kyle Anderson has had a career year and this is the best time to have one, as he is set to hit the open market next year, but the Spurs can qualify him an offer with the chance to match another team’s offer to the former UCLA product.

Furthermore, he has set career highs in points (9.2), rebounds (6.3), assists (3.1), and shooting 51% from the field through 21 games.

Anderson will most likely retain a steady amount of minutes when Kawhi Leonard comes back from his quad injury, due to the way he has played so far.

Also, Kyle Anderson is developing into the player they wanted when they took him with the 30th overall pick back in the 2014 NBA Draft.

With that being said, I think if you put that much time into a player, who is turning into a good player, you should invest some money into him and keep a player that knows his role and you (San Antonio Spurs) knowing what you will get from that player (Kyle Anderson).

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